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The Seed of Greatness every Youth possesses

Youth Motivational Speaker for Disengaged Youth

Though we are all born into different circumstances, every child has within a tiny seed of greatness. Whether that seed lies dormant or eventually blossoms depends in large part on external factors. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or a caregiver, you play an important role in nurturing that seed.

What a Seed Needs to Thrive: Water, Warmth, and Sunshine. If you’ve ever planted seeds, you know that they need water, warmth, and sunshine in order to develop and grow. The seed of greatness within a child has similar needs. Water that seed with love, patience and genuine interest and watch the greatness grow!

Love can be expressed in many ways beyond hugs and kind words. It is also expressed by setting boundaries, being a positive role model, and providing the child with learning opportunities. Likewise, patience can be expressed in multiple ways beyond the gentle, ‘Let’s try that again.’ For example, encouraging a child is a form of patience as is intervening when you see a child in need of a helping hand.

Patience may also mean stepping back and letting the child work through that frustration and find success in the process. Setting the child up for success at an early age is a fantastic way to nurture that seed of greatness within.

Adding Nutrients to the Mix Seeds also thrive when nutrients are added; every living thing needs food to grow and thrive. Feed a child’s seed of greatness with books and learning opportunities. Cultivate the child’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder by going on nature walks, visiting child friendly museums, working on art projects, or experimenting with science.

Watching the Seeds of Greatness Blossom Love, patience, and nurturing are the water and nutrients a child needs to blossom and grow. Watching a child succeed as a result of your efforts is one of the most rewarding jobs of a lifetime. Enjoy the process and watch the seeds of greatness blossom before your eyes!

Ian Humphrey is a Youth Motivational Speaker in Colorado with a gift for connecting with difficult students and helping them see their obstacles as opportunities. His Professional Development program, The A.C.T. Strategy also gives educators tips and tools to make an immediate impact in the lives of their most difficult students.

Book him to speak at your next event and you will be pleased with the results.

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