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Who is Ian Humphrey?

Motivational Speaker, Ian Humphrey shares his own perseverance stories and takes his audience on a journey of how anyone can go from not believing in themselves to believing that they can do anything they set their minds to.


Motivational Speaker, Ian Humphrey was one of the lucky ones’ even though it certainly didn’t seem so at first. As a child, he faced his own series of difficult circumstances, from losing his mother at an early age and never truly knowing his own derelict father, to living in foster care and spending his adolescence in the rough parts of South Central LA. At 19, he succumbed to the negative voices that had always said he would be just like his father,’ committing a crime and being sentenced to 15 years in prison.
So far it doesn’t sound too lucky, right?
But everything changed when one person the first person in his life to do so saw the potential for good in him. While Ian was in solitary confinement for having provoked a fight, a teacher went out of his way to pay him a visit. He sat and talked with Ian, really listened, then said the simple words that would change Ian’s life forever: ‘I believe in you!’

Inspiring hope really can be that simple: one strong, conscientious person sharing a positive message truly changed Ian’s life. He began conducting motivational speeches for schools and businesses making it his life goal to make up for his earlier mistakes and create a positive impact in the world.

Today, Ian is the general manager of a successful multi-million dollar metal fabrication company, speaker and author and has made it his goal to motivate, inspire, and help others learn to see obstacles as an opportunity and achieve the success which we all deserve.


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