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Motivational Speaker for High School Students, Engaging Motivational Speakes in Denver, Colorado

It's Not About The Knockdown,

It's About The Get Up!

Youth Motivational Speaker for High School Assemblies

Inspirational Speaker and Author Ian Humphrey:

Motivational speaker Ian Humphrey knows what it's like to be knocked down by life. Born premature, abused in foster care, losing his mom at an early age and his own eventual incarceration. However, today his mantra is "It's not about the knockdown, it's about the get-up!


This presentation takes the audience on his journey through his own life story showing how one can turn their life around and overcome any obstacle when they refuse to give up!



Your students will learn...

  • How to turn adversity into opportunity
  • How to avoid the excuse making trap

  • Strategies to cope with tough times

  • The importance of choosing friends

Motivational Speaker for Middle Schools, Motivational Speakers for High Schools, Suicide prevention speaker, Ian Humphrey

Choosing to lead

5 V.I.T.A.L. Keys to becoming a better leader in high school

Youth Motivational Speaker for High School Assemblies

Everyone is chosen to lead, but not everyone chooses to. 
In this presentation, Ian offers 5 confidence building steps that will encourage, inspire and motivate students to step up and become the leader's others can respect and follow. 

Your students will learn...


  • 5 V.I.T.A.L. Keys to becoming a better leader in high school

  • How to make the move from follower to leader

  • How to create and achieve goals  

Diversify Your Squad!

(Appreciating the differences of others)

Motivational Speaker for High Schools on Diversity and Inclusion

Valuing diversity is an important step to success.

This keynote provides students with the different advantages of appreciating today’s diverse environment.

Your students will learn...


  • Discovering the power of diversity

  • Gaining Knowledge and Experiences through diversity

  • Diversity is so much more than race

Motivational Speakers on Diversity and Inclusion, Suicide prevention for Middle Schools, Suicide Prevention for High Schools

It's A Great Day To be Alive

In this open and honest presentation Ian gives hope to students when he shares the journey of his inspiring life and how he survived uncertainty, abuse and wanting to give up.
Ian has a unique presentation style and will use humor to help land his message. In the end, his message is real and relatable for all who attend.

Your students will learn...

  • Success is possible if they don't quit 

  • They are not alone 

  • Find hope during difficult times

  • Learning to see adversity as an opportunity

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