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Connecting After Covid

Motivational Speaker for Educators and Child Care Professionals

COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things, but it should not change our commitment to impact the young lives that we teach. In this presentation, Ian will motivate and inspire your organization, giving them the energy to start the year off right or finish the year strong! 

Teaching after COVID, Returning to the classroom
Motivational Speaker For Employee Appreciation

You've Always Been Essential! 
(Employee appreciation)


Essential Workers, Covid, Celebrating Essential Workers

If you operate a business, manage employees you know how difficult it has become to find and keep quality employees on your team. COVID-19 has shown us that ALL employees are essential workers.

In this presentation, Ian brings his 20+ years of team management and gives you tips and strategies on making your team feel essential EVERY DAY.

Ian will share...

  • Making your team feel essential post-pandemic
  • Keeping your team motivated 
  • The importance of goal setting as a team
  • Creating a vision and action plan for success
  • Turning setbacks into comebacks 
  • Being flexible in the workplace
  • Using the A.C.T. Strategy to make your team feel valued.

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