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Ian Humphrey believes that

Behind every successful company you will find inspired employees and a motivated leadership team.

If you are a corporation, association, non profit or small business, look to Ian Humphrey for a keynote that will be delivered with passion and filled with relevant, usable content.

Audiences walk away from Ian's presentations with the following insights:​​​

  • Passion to serve customers 
  • Strategies to manage failure and courage to turn set-backs into opportunities. 

  • Take personal responsibility for your life and future

  • Dealing with the unknown

  • Embracing authenticity

  • Daring to fail

  • Leading with accountability

  • Using fear to create opportunity

It's A Great Day to Be Alive!


Ian shares the journey of his amazing, inspiring life, as he travels through comas and foster homes, prisons and a rebirth in gratitude.

Ian will share...

  • Being grateful for good and bad days
  • Creating a vision and action plan for success
  • Turning setbacks into comebacks 
  • 6 practices to save you from a life of unfulfilled potential

Make the connection, make the sale.

It's all about the connection

Get your team fired up!
Ian's life was changed year's ago after an educator said these four words, "I believe in you!"
Year's later, Ian realized that it wasn't the words that changed his life, but the connection he had with the man that spoke them.
In this presentation, "Make the connection, make the sale."
Ian takes the lessons and strategies he's learned and teaches your team the importance of creating connections with their clients.

Your team will learn...

  • Strategies to deal with change

  • 5 ways to foster trust and build relationships

  • Creative ways to create connections with clients, customers and coworkers.

  • The importance of maintaining an elevated mindset

  • And more...

Choosing to lead

5 Keys to becoming a better leader in the workplace

Everyone is chosen to lead, but not everyone chooses to. 
In this presentation, Ian offers 5 confidence building steps that will encourage, inspire and motivate your team to step up and become the leader's others can respect and follow. 

Your team will learn...


  • 5 V.I.T.A.L. Keys to becoming a leader with purpose.

  • How to make the move from follower to leader

  • How to better connect with customers and coworkers

  • Leading by example – walking the talk

It's Not About The Knockdown,

It's About The Get Up!

Looking for a speaker that will energize your team?

Ian's stories and meaningful messages will not only entertain and amaze, but your attendees will walk away with easily applied skills that will help them see challenges versus roadblocks, and inspire their teammates to see change as possibilities.

Ian will share...

  • How to turn adversity into opportunity
  • How to improve resilience and triumph over setbacks and obstacles
  • Hear remarkable and truly inspirational stories which inspire change
  • How to avoid the excuse making trap

  • Strategies to cope with tough times

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