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Make 2018 The Year You Start Where You Are and reach your goals!

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Have you ever allowed your fear of failure to keep you cloaked in comfort? If you have, you are not alone. Many people are afraid of failure and as a result, they never become the person they were meant to be. They never achieve that thing that only they were put on this earth to do.

Fear of failure is a common saboteur of success that begins the moment you have an idea that could possibly lead to you having an additional income stream, finding financial freedom, empowering your life, or losing a few pounds. Have you ever had an idea only to stop and ask yourself, what if I fail? Or have you made the mistake of comparing your small idea to something similar, already in existence and believe that there’s no way you have what it takes to get your idea to that level? Many people are being held back by these same thoughts. If you want to accomplish your hopes and dreams, you must start where YOU are.

When you look at others that are doing what you want to do, it is important that you tell yourself, "That is not where they started; I must start where I am as they did." Years ago a very close "friend" of mine walked into a gym weighing a measly 153 pounds. Shortly after his workout began, he noticed how muscular everyone else in the gym was. This "friend" of mine became embarrassed, got up and walked out, jumped into his car and went home discouraged. It would be a few years before he returned.

It took him that long to realize that no one was born with a special muscle building secret and he should not have compared himself to those that had been putting in the work for months, perhaps even years before he decided to get started. Not starting where he was had simply prevented him from achieving success sooner. But had he started where he was and continued to work hard, eat right and stay motivated he would have seen increases in his muscle growth just as those he’d compared himself to, had seen. Today, he’s almost two hundred pounds of solid muscle. (Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I don’t weigh that much.) :)

You can achieve success by starting where you are TODAY and not allowing your fear of failure to prevent you from becoming the person you deserve to become. Start today, where you are!

~Be Ian-Spired

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