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Are Leaders born or made?

Leadership can be a daunting task, and there are many theories on leaders being born or made. My belief is that there are attributes that great leaders share and most of these attributes can be learned. With the right mindset, commitment and dedication, you can become the leader that your organization needs.

Consider developing these qualities that will enhance your leadership ability:

1. Confidence. Confident people inspire confidence in others. When your team sees your confidence, they believe that you know where you’re going and how to get there. Confidence is contagious and elevates morale. No one else will be confident if you’re not.

· Something as simple as walking tall, chest out, and chin up can boost your confidence and overall mood.

2. Trustworthiness. One of the most important attributes of a great leader is character. People need to trust someone before they will follow him. This is accomplished through honesty, walking the talk, and showing respect. Keep your word and follow through.

· It’s challenging for a team to accomplish anything without trust.

3. Enthusiasm. Be enthusiastic about the task at hand, your position, and the opportunity to lead. Begin difficult task by telling yourself, “No one will be more enthusiastic than I am!” Demonstrate the type of enthusiasm you’d like to see in your team. Let everyone know that you believe in your mission and its importance.

· Sometimes a break is in order. Enthusiasm can wane under a never-ending workload.

4. Steadiness. There will be obstacles and times of uncertainty. Great leaders can weather these situations and demonstrate the steadiness necessary to keep the rest of the team focused. These are the times your team will look to you the most. Be positive. Be confident. Be a rock.

· It’s natural to have doubts. It’s not effective to share them. If you need someone to talk to, reach out to someone you trust like your spouse or best friend. Keep all negativity out of the workplace.

5. Focus. It’s easy to become distracted, especially when things start going wrong. Learn to ignore the noise and stick to the relevant facts. Avoid looking too far ahead. Deal with the current situation and maintain your commitment.

· Focus can begin to creep when projects drag on for an extended period of time. Return to your mission statement frequently to keep your focus fresh.

6. Flexibility. Nearly anyone can hold the course, but only a great leader can change course without panicking or losing momentum. Be open-minded enough to find the correct solution to the challenges that arise. A few course corrections are the rule rather than the exception.

· Avoid confusing steadfastness with stubbornness. It’s important to realize when it’s time to change course or make some changes.

7. Communication. Be able to effectively communicate your vision to the others on your team. Be willing to listen to new ideas. Provide the information required for others to do their best. Communication skills are paramount to all leaders. If you’re looking for a single skill to enhance, start with communication skills.

Regardless of the leadership skills you possess, these 7 points will help you to improve. Practice them, and watch your leadership abilities increase, as well as your influence at work.

Leadership skills can’t be learned or developed in a day. It takes commitment, dedication and a level of passion. If your team lacks effective leadership, step up and fill the void.

Let me know your thoughts!

~Be Ian-Spired,


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