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The Secret to Success

​​​​​​​As a kid growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I can remember everyone talking about McDonald's and their secret sauce. Do you know what's in that secret sauce?

What about Colonel Sanders’ (Founder of KFC) 11 secret herbs and spices that are safeguarded under lock and key?

As I got older, I realized that the secret sauce and the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices could be found in my own kitchen!

Companies would have us believe that their success is due to a secret recipe. However, the secret isn't the sauce or the herbs and spices. That secret is CONSISTENCY.

Have you ever had a favorite meal at a restaurant only to return and find something is different about the flavor? They changed the recipe or ingredients so it didn't taste the same, it wasn’t

consistent with what you were used to. Call me petty, but I have stopped going to restaurants because the flavor changed or wasn't what I had grown to enjoy.

I believe our success as individuals and companies is determined by our consistency. As an individual, your success will be determined largely by your ability to routinely follow a plan of action and create better habits or remain persistent in following the action plan that you already have in place.

As a business, your success will be determined largely by your ability to steadily provide a service, product, or positive experience to your customers. They should be able to rely upon that level of service every time.

So be consistent!


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