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Ian Delivers high energy interactive, educational and motivational presentations to adult audiences and youth audiences alike.

When speaking to Non Profits, companies, at schools, corporate events, and fundraisers, Ian’s dynamic, engaging presence will captivate and connect with your audience from the moment his presentations begin. Incorporating emotion, humor and relevant content, this dynamic speaker will captivate the imagination of his audience as he delivers his message of triumphing over adversity from childhood abuse, prison to his success in the corporate environment.

Whether virtual or live, motivational speaker, Ian Humphrey captivates audiences of all ages, igniting the passion that we all have to become better people-but that’s often suppressed by negative influences around us. His energizing style coupled with the fact that he has overcome his own fair share of tough challenges make his presence electrifying for all audiences.

From his own troubled adolescence, he knows what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles to unlock our own full  potential. In Ian’s renowned speaking programs, he shares inspirational stories about life, its great challenges and opportunities and creates a palpable feeling of confidence and positivity that pervades the auditorium.

And he doesn’t stop there. Ian has developed a series of takeaways for his audience, tips and tools that will continue to inspire, educate and transform lives.

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Partial Client List
Motivational Speaers for Colleges, Motivational Speakers in Colorado,Motivational Speaker for College Orientation
Motivationl Speakers for Colleges,High Schools,Middle Schools
Motivational Speaker for businesses, Motivational Speakers on Leadership,Motivational Speakers in Colorado,Motivational Speakes on Customer Service
Motivational Speakers for Elementary Schools, Motivational Speakers in Colorado, Motivational speakers for Middle Schools
Youth Motivational Speaker, Motivatinal Speakers in Colorado, Motivational Speaker for business
Motivational Speakers for businesses, Motivational Speakers in Colorado, Motivational Speakes on Leadership
Motivational Speaker for Conferences
Motivational Speakers for FBLA, Motivational Speakers for youth,Motivational Speakers in Colorado,Ian Humphrey
Motivational Speakers in Colorado, Motivational Speakers for businesses, Motivational Speakers in Denver Colorado
Motviational Speakers for Big Brothers Big Sisters
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