Inspirational And Motivational Speaker Ian Humphrey Empowers Students and Teachers Alike


Ian Humphrey’s dynamic, engaging presence captivates his audience from the moment he enters a room. Incorporating humor, emotion, and movement, this dynamic motivational professional speaker will connect with your audience from the very first word. What’s more, all of Ian’s motivational speeches include clear tools for making a change.

I Believe In YOU!  

Ian Humphrey overcame incredible odds to become the man he is today. Born premature, abused while in foster care and losing his parents at an early age, Ian eventually gave up and was incarcerated as a teenager.  While in prison Ian met an educator that helped him turn his life around. After his release from prison, Ian was able looked back on what that educator had done for him and narrowed his success down to three simple things.

In this presentation, Ian gives you the strategy, examples of how it helped him and how your teachers can implement it immediately and begin to change the lives of their students. 

Connecting After Covid (For Educators and Child Care


(The A.C.T. Strategy)

   Motivational Speaker for Educators and Child Care Professionals.
Virtual Keynote Speaker, Ian Humphrey

COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things, but it should not change our commitment to impact the young lives that we teach.


In this presentation, Ian will motivate your teachers and staff, giving them the energy to start the year off right or finish the year strong! 

Ian credits much of his success to an educator he met while in prison that used The A.C.T. Strategy. Ian now teaches that method to mentors, educators, and child care professionals in the hopes that they can add it to what they currently do to create an even deeper connection and make a greater impact on the communities they serve.

Ian's Daughter